Miniature Painting Estimating Guide

You own the own business of yours. Are you rich? No – why don’t you? You’ve a lot of work, your status is spotless, your clients love you. And so, why are not you rich? For many years subcontractors have asked themselves that exact same issue. WHY AREN’T WE RICH? Truth be told, you need to at any rate be very well off. Thus, in case you are not, why don’t you?

Chapter one – Some Background In 1985 I called on a big miniature painting service, shortly after seeing Tom Hopkins provide a full day workshop on expert selling. Mr. Hopkins educated me in to get unflinching confidence. And in order to respect my customers’ time. Therefore prior to making my sales call, I filled out all of the documents in advance. It took approximately twenty minutes. I created the presentation of mine and also asked my closing question. After my client said yes, I told him that to save him time I’d taken the liberty of filling out all of the documents in advance. He was very pleased at my trust plus preparation that he provided me a project, on the spot, working hard for him to be a task Manager/Sales Representative. I did not take the task instantly, but after a season of managing the account of his, and seeing what a remarkable business he’d, I joined the company of his as a PM. I knew this was somebody I needed to work for.

We worked for the very best GC’s. Our rates were among the greatest in town. But that did not issue. The quality of ours and service got us all of the work we could deal with. With big profit margins. We estimated our tasks based on arithmetic that is basic. If we can get our desired profit margin we had taken the job. If it wasn’t, we walked out. We’d production prices to paint every substrate, knew the direct costs of ours, material prices, indirect costs, and mitigating factors which may accelerate and slow down production. It was downright scientific. And extremely accurate. And I was very good at applying it all. By 1992 I earned $148,000.00 in one season. I learned enough and saved enough in those eight years to launch the very own business of mine in 1994.